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Excellent Quality Heat Resistant Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Basic Information

Material: PE
Use: Masking
Adhesive Side: Double Sided
tem Value
glue acrylic glue
Carrier acrylic foam (white/black)
PE release liner Red/green/blue/white
Total thickness(mm) 0.2/0.3/0.5/0.8/1/1.5/2/3mm
Holding power(h,1kg/in2) 50
Initial tack(ring method,N) 20
Tensile strength(Kg/25mm) 2.3
Elongation (%) 200
Temperature resistance(°C) -20~70
Feature ♦ Superior adhesion and Retentiveness
♦ Light weight
♦ Excellent Moisture and Solvent Resistance:
♦ The elasticity of the foam can absorb external stress, excellent elasticity have damping effect
♦ It can eliminate glued surfaces.
Advantage 1.1.high adhesive
2.chemical resistance
4.Soft and thin
Sample provide 1. We can send sample at most 20mm width roll or A4 paper size for free
2. Customerwill afford the freight charges     
3. freight charge just a show of your sincerity
4. If order quantity large,we can even return the customized sample cost to you.
Sample Lead time 2 days
Order Lead time 3 to 7 workdays
Country of Original Shenzhen,China
Port Shenzhen
Payment L/C, T/T,Western Union,Paypal, Trade Assurance and so on
Application 1. suitable for all general use of double adhesive,fixing
2. we can do die cutting according customer's request
3. Car door sealing strip, round decorations, bumper molding adhesive
4. Automobile, motorcycle, electrical plate bonding
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